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Born in 2012, The Jack Stupid is a creative studio specializing in funky images and rock’n’roll writing.

We bring to life unique stories from the first to the last page.

Whether our tales are true life based or purely imaginary, they are written with love and crafted with artisan devotion in all their aspects.

We unite the daring and creative thinking of an agency with the skillful craftsmanship of real makers under the black flag of colorful language.

Hands on the project, always! And let’s get them dirty.

Wonder why our projects look a lot different from each others? That’s because we taylor the style on the client each time.

Our clients are different. Our babies are different and they can’t all be treated in the same way.

You are probably special.

We surely get bored with repetition.





“Wait. I was told stupid ain’t smart and my company is all about cleverness.”

True. But smart can be outsmarting and boringly risk-free.

You can go to a big, well established company. They will do the polite talking and they will hire people to do more polite talking that will hire us to do the dirty work.

Good news is you can hire us to do the dirty talking without mediation.

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