Testa di Morto

Fashion Film
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Torn apart between stormy feelings and scientific lucidity, an insect enthusiast finds himself breeding and selling rare butterflies on the black market all over the world.

This edited, 5 minutes version of the film is featured on Nowness (read article here), while we choose to keep the full 15 minutes piece still unpublished for the moment.

Testa di Morto is our independent poetic documentary, an aesthetic piece that aims to portrait a micro-world rather than making a point or explaining a topic.

We like to suspend the judgement, to let the story be, and we always loved indecipherable characthers. Those that are both good and evil, or in this case teared by scientific awareness and capricious, self-indulgent values.

The element that caught us when we first met jak, the mysterious character filmed on camera, was his voice. That lazy, stoned tone, dressing up punctual adjectives and flawless, logical concepts like a glaze. We had the feeling he mastered language like some learn the procedure to escape a natural calamity. A protocol to efficiently respond to the outside. An outside that he rather prefers silent.

Directors Matteo Di Gioia, Luis Felipe Bueno

Music In Zaire

Design & editing Matteo Di Gioia

Grading Stefano Brandolini

Sound mix Chris Gramaglia

PR Pietro Agostini