Animation, Music video
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A stubborn hero bends all the rules of physics in a romantic chase that leads to his desired one.

The indie musician Bongi wanted to visualize the beautiful lyrics to his song Elastico.

He sings about the bittersweet feeling we all painfully know: struggling and compromising to finally adapt to our loved one.

Directed by Luis Felipe Bueno

Written by TJS

Storyboard Matteo Di Gioia

Design & animation Luis Felipe Bueno, Luca “Wist” Ferrario, Maryveronique Lecoq, Gabriel “elgasi” Silva

It is under absurd and capricious laws that a lover chases his love.

Every relationship has phases where one part that escapes and another that chases. This is why we say we long for someone or we fall for someone. These words for us have a literal effect. We feel like we are physically falling and we feel beaten around and sweetly teared apart.

So why not literally representing them in graphics?

Elastico means rubber band. In order to reach the object of our desire we must be resilient, relentless, unbreakable. In a word, we must become elastic.

We are about to tell the most synthetic love story in the world.

With this statement in mind we approached the production.

How can such uncharacterized, dot-shaped flat figures convey the strongest of human feelings through a screen?

Verse by verse, we re-interpreted and visualized the concept, making the figure of speech literal.

We say a lover blows hot and cold, then we should make it stormy on  screen.