Title Sequence
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Finalist in South By South West festival 2014 (see all finalists here), this Motion Title sequence looks like a hell of a work in a 3D software room, but instead it’s a puddle of printer toner with iron particles filmed with a common DSLR.

The client only asked us for a logo and a picture for a cd cover but once we had the logo designed and lasercut in aluminium, we just took the liberty to make experiments for the weekend.

After the shooting we struggled hard to edit all the nonsense material into a maximum result with minumal effort piece with the aid of moody sound design.

The photographic material from the shooting was used to design the CD Packaging. Scroll down to watch the gallery.

Client: Anewrage (Milan)

Direction, design, filmaking and sound design: The Jack Stupid

Color grading: Giulia Gargano

Print preparation: Eleonora Olivares