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The short animated film tells the story of a silent creature who attempts to bend the laws of nature to feel less lonely.

This mixture of frame-by-frame, 2D and 3D animation was originally created by The Jack Stupid as a videoclip – or a silent short – for the band Mellowtoy.

The music and the visual worked great together, as the rhythm of the obsessive loops was magically matching the melancholic flavor of the song, but didn’t take long for us to realize there was too much story for a music video.

We then decided to transform the music video into a proper short film to give honour to its story.

In order to make the narration shine through the images, we hired Mikee W. Goodman, a controversial english author singing in the band Sikth, who adapted the original script into a poem, and interpreted it.

To accompany the film we reinterpreted the original music to deliver a more film like score with a twist, using only heavily warped guitars and programmed drums.

Watch the trailer here below. The complete version will be available after the festivals round.

Starring voice: Mikee W. Goodman

Written and directed by: The Jack Stupid

Poem adaptation: Mikee Goodman

Additional animator: Ambra Ghittori

Soundtrack: The Jack Stupid

Original music: Mellowtoy – Dead Colours

Special Thanks: Titta Morganti

“Very unique, from the style to the narration.”
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