Acqua Tutta Colorata

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Crowd funding film that deals with the problem of contaminated water.

We choose to have a delicate, indirect and naif pick on the dramatic topic, avoiding emotional shortcuts as well as easy and pitiful images of disease and poverty.

Drop 99 is a portable and affordable antibatteric filter. By screwing it on any plastic bottle, it can be used to drink undrinkable water.

Support the crowd funding campaign at https://it.ulule.com/drop-99

Wrirers Matteo di Gioia, Luis Felipe Bueno

Directors Matteo di Gioia

Producer Luis Felipe Bueno

DoP Stefano Brandolini

Set Design Francesco Remo Cazzaniga

Grip Lorenzo De Angelis

Original Music Chris Gramaglia

Starring Benedetta Soliveri, Gabriele Soliveri, Bianka Schurina

Voice over Giulia Cima